Here are top 5 Hotels near Penn Station, NYC

Hotels Near Penn Station NYC
Hotels Near Penn Station NYC

Pennsylvania Station was also known as Penn-station in New York has been termed as the busiest transit hub connecting major cities of the state.

This city has a lot of commuters as localities and even tourist who travel and connects to the different part of the city. Of course, the tourist who is traveling to New York and roaming around will require to get down to this station at least once. It has the major attraction spots of the city, which makes it the busiest transit station.

Talking about the hotels near Penn Station NYC, you can opt for all types of hotels in the present times. Earlier, in the retro times, only a few renowned chains allow to serve the guest and tourist.

But now as the sector has been very vastly developing, the hotels and its revenue have also increased with the inclusion of all types of hotels. Let us see in detail the hotels near Penn station NYC:

  1. THE NEW YORKER, A Wyndham Hotel:

This historic hotel is popular as the eye of the city catching all its guests. For the view, because you are well on the water, for the sound of the waves and the smell of the fresh morning of the city. Nothing beats a private suite and the creekside hotel.

You really forget everything, the selection of the most charming and design establishments on their beautiful ornamentation to the building can be clearly seen. It is one of the oldest and finest serving hotels in the city. The best part is that Penn Station is just 200 meters from this property.

Key Features:

– This property provides parking on request.

– Creek view from special suites.

– 24 hours front desk help.

– Provides a taxi service on request.

– Known for its round the clock security.


– Room with Air Conditioning.

– Room service in request.

– Bar and Lounge.

– Meeting and Conference space.

– Free Internet Access.

  1. Arlo NoMad:

The youth icon and ideal space have been recent talk of the town. This hotel has been known for its fast serving as many youths and business corporates choose to stay here.

The quick stay with no hustles has always been appreciated by many guests. The ambiance is light and airy. No ornamented decorations and fancy figures are done here, perhaps it has more of a modern and sleek feel. A classy and intimate lounge, a friendly restaurant, how can you not want to spend all your stays here?

Key Features:

– Penn Station is in the proximity of 1 km from this hotel.

– Having a clean rooftop terrace.

– Provides bicycle rental service on request.

– Provides Valet parking on request.


– AC Room free from any allergy.

– Training provides on fitness.

– 24-hour front desk help.

– Wake-up call/alarm.


This hotel lies in a distance of about 200 meters from the Penn Station. Coming up with a completely modern look creating a spatial connection with the guest, it creates one amazing ambiance.

The guest has always loved the lobby which appears to be quite airy and spacious. There are so many features and amenities for a private suite holder in this hotel. From open to enclosed spaces, all the guests are able to enjoy some of the other surprises.

Key Features:

– Provides private and shared amenities to the guest.

– Individual suits having a kitchenette, extra terrace space, or living areas.

– Friendly with all types of pets.

– Having a business meeting and conference area.


– Room with Flat-screen TV, Fridge, Kitchenette, terrace, etc.

– 24-hour room service.

– Special workout room.

– Free Internet.


When you search for good price-quality hotels near Penn Station NYC, you can find Holiday Inn-Express on the list. At the heart of a protected cove at the foot of the city, this recently renovated hotel has 15 stories.

Wherever you look, everything is beautiful. The view over the beautiful entrance porch, and the establishment itself with its facades, its moldings and its balusters with modern charm.

Inside, decoration with contemporary elements adds more beauty to the hotel. Besides, with the two restaurants in the hotel, one would quickly tempt to live there in complete self-sufficiency. This hotel comes in the proximity of 200 meters from the Penn Station.

Key Feature:

– Porch for refreshment in the outdoors.

– Friendly with all types of pets.

– Provides parking on request.


– Rooms with basic amenities.

– Gym or workout room.

– Free Hi-speed Internet.

– Free Breakfast.

– Meeting Room.


Located in the 33rd Street in the west, this hotel is just 200 meters away from the Penn Station. Fairfield Inn was connected to many of the landmark centers and squares in the city.

People who wanted to visit these places and looking for a stay, always go through The Fairfield Inn Hotel which provides the best of the amenities in the city.

Nestled in a protected cove, this hotel combines luxury and good taste, where the roof terrace holds the best value. With a bar and nautical activities, an airy and comfortable layout, and one of the best in New York City, the address is popular worldwide.

Key Features:

– Connected to renowned public centers and squares in its near proximity.

– The nearest hotel to the Penn Station. (200 meters radius)

– Provides parking on request.

– Attractive roof terrace with sitting.

– Provides Bicycle rental service on request.


– Rooms with Hi-tech facilities.

– Special suits with fireplace.

– Bar and Lounge.

– Workout and fitness room.

– Free Wi-Fi Access.

What are the most favored hotels near Penn Station?

The list of hotels near Penn Station NYC has many hotels, but the most favored are definitely:

– THE NEW YORKER, A Wyndham Hotel


These hotels are popular to serve the best and preferred for its proximity reaching easily to the Penn Station.

What are the upper-end hotels near Penn Station?

The upper and high-end hotels near Penn Station are:


– THE NEW YORKER, A Wyndham Hotel


All these hotels have been known for their high-class serving and value for money stays.

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