Check out these Hotels near Walter E Washington Convention center, Washington

Hotels Near Walter E Washington Convention Center
Hotels Near Walter E Washington Convention Center

Walter E Washington convention center is a magnificent place for great public meetings and events. Washington City, with a large number of tourist base visiting it for a couple of days.

It offers a wide variety of attractions to visit, not for nothing is it a World-renowned business and corporate Hub with such centers.

You can visit it on foot or by public bus, also by private cabs. Washington is a city that offers many accommodation options for all tastes and budgets.

From luxurious 5-star hotels located near the convention center to comfortable B & Bs, inns, and cheap hostels.  Best hotels near Walter e Washington convention center are:


Condrad Washington DC has been known for its closest proximity of about 500 meters from the convention center. This hotel is in an area of well-connected food chains and other landmarks.

For a little healthy shopping, however, you can always opt for this hotel. There are public parks and different commercial parks nearby.

Key Features:

– Easy convenience with fewer formalities for booking.

– Only 6 minutes away from the National Washington Airport.

– Free parking space at the hotel itself.

– 24-hour help at the front desk.

– Friendly with all types of pets.


– Rooms with AC, Flat-screen TV, and minibar.

– Free Room Service.

– Hotel with a private bar.

– Free Internet access.


This hotel is located only 500 meters away from the convention center, situated in the downtown city center. This hotel goes as the most liked hotels near Walter e Washington Convention Center.

Grand Hyatt boasts a strategic position near the convention center, as it is the main attraction in the area. The central area of this hotel is highly appreciated by travelers, who also like the convenience of attractions.

From here it is also very practical to move by public transport: nearby there bus station as well as the metro station. It can reach in 8 minutes on foot.

Key Features:

– It provides the renowned café chain i.e. STARBUCKS in its premises.

– It will make you more comfortable with valet parking.

– Provides airport transportation on request.

– Business center in-built for formal and informal meetings.


– Free room service.

– Free Wi-Fi access.

– Fireplace in special suites.

– Conference room.

Bar and lounge access.


This renowned hotel chain has been known to give exceptional experience for a booked stay. It is located only 200 meters away from the convention center. You can find it as top serving in the list of hotels near Walter e Washington center. One can opt for the stay by pre-booking the stay through travel websites and even through its portal. They are very well known for having great amenities.

Key features:

-10,000 square feet large meeting area to conduct meetings.

– Offers valet parking to the guest.

– A security policy with top actions.

– Friendly environment for all.


– Rooms with Hi-tech security and equipment.

– Room service on request.

– 24-hour help at the front desk.

– Meeting room.

– Gym and training center.

– Bar and lounge.


This hotel is about 800 meters away from the Walter E Washington convention center. It is one of the renowned hotel chains of the world which have come up with some decorated amenities for their guests.

You can experience a peaceful and calm environment even though located on the busiest street in the city. It has never failed to serve the best to their guest and always strive for giving the best. You can name it as a prominent hotel in terms of hospitality and quality.

Key Features:

– The hotel has 24 hours room service on request.

– Offers valet parking as per stay duration.

– Comes with conference and meeting facilities.

– Views comprise scenic images of the cityscape as well as landmarks.


– Rooms with coffee/tea-maker.

– Bathrobe in the bathroom.

– Lounge/Bar for refreshment.

– Free Internet Access.


It is at least 1 km away from the convention center. This hotel has been always up for the quick stay giving them the best services while the corporate guest comes for relaxation after the meeting.

Though it may occur late at night, the hotel will always be ready to give you their facilities coming in the package. Public transport connectivity is always known for being the best feature of this property. There are various on-demand services that this hotel will offer to their guest on request.

Key Features:

– It comes with 19000 square feet space for organization huge events.

– Connected to 2 major metro stations of the Washington city.

– Valet Parking on request.

– Friendly to all types of pets.

– Provides bicycle rentals on request.


– Rooms with AC, Flat-screen TV, Fridge, and minibar.

– Room service on request.

– Bar and lounge for refreshment.

– Movie –on demand.

What’s the area like around Walter E. Washington Convention Center?

Outside the walter, a convention center of Washington is the most “modern” part (so to speak) and usually offers great accommodation options. But you can still find good hotels and apartments with prices much cheaper than if you go far from the proximity.

It is recommended to sleep in the surrounding of the center if you travel by car, you can find hotels with parking. You can also find out various renowned restaurant chains and bar for a chillax experience after the meeting or summit.

The surroundings of this convention center are evergreen and live which is the main USP of this area. There are many salons, spas, and beauty care centers for all kinds of people to look up to the mark.

They also allow business walk-ins. It is might not be comfortable as sleeping in the center but it is usually more convenient at the price level.

What’s the best place to stay close to Walter E. Washington Convention Center?

The best Hotels near Walter e Washington Convention center on terms of the proximity and distance is definitely: Courtyard by Marriott Washington. Not only proximity but it also has a lot of amenities to attract guests.

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